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HAM offers a variety of different customizable features which can be edited to the player's satisfaction. Some features are minor in scope, perhaps simply fixing a small bug. Other features are intricate and complex systems with many settings, that can dramatically alter the way that the game is played.

Based on the HAM version you are using, some features may or may not be available. Also, some features from older HAM versions may now be obsolete.

Major Features Edit

These features have the potential to change Jagged Alliance 2 gameplay to a considerable extent. Most of these features can be turned off using INI file settings, others can be turned off by editing the enclosed XML or using one of the alternate XMLs that mimic "normal" JA2 behavior (these are supplied with HAM). Most of these features are turned OFF by default.

Feature Name HAM B2.8 HAM 3.5 HAM 3.6 (and JA2 1.13)

Dynamic Roaming Militia

Allows the game to control where Roaming Militia can and cannot go, based on which cities have been liberated (and are currently controlled) by the player. This system was fully XMLized in HAM 3.4.
Hard-coded XMLized! Available

Militia Training depends on Leadership

A certain degree of leadership may be required for any Militia Training. Leadership skill also determines the quality and quantity of Militia created.
Partial Partial++ Partial++

HAM Suppression

A complete rework of the non-functioning Suppression Fire system from JA2. Puts a lot more emphasis on teamwork and tactics, and makes battles fast, furious, and dangerous.
Available Revamped! Available

HAM Tracers

Makes tracer fire more realistic, and allows leading automatic fire onto a target at long range.
Available Revamped! Available

Increased Aiming Costs

AP cost for each "extra aiming" click has been changed. 5th Click and onwards costs more APs. Also, part of the gun's ready cost is added to the cost of the first click. Values are fully externalized in HAM 3.
Available Externalized Available

Dynamic Aim Limits

Different guns have a different limits on the number of aiming levels you can add when shooting. Using a scope and a bipod can increase the limit even further.
Available Available Available

Explosives Cause Suppression

Blast-type Explosives (Frag Grenades, TNT, etc.) cause suppression effects.
Not Available Available Available

Mobile Militia automatically reinforces Cities and SAMs

Mobile Militia will enter cities and SAM sites to bolster local garrisons. Reduces the need to fly your trainers around the map to retrain weakened defenders.
Not Available Available Available

New Facilities

Allows adjusting the effect and location of new facilities (akin to the Alma Gun-Range) that confer certain bonuses or penalties to characters performing a certain assignment in a sector. As of HAM 3.5, uses XMLs for full moddability, and allows creating entirely new facilities!
Not Available Available Double Super-Duper XMLized!

Hide Bullet Count

During battle, soldiers may have to guess how many bullets are left in the gun they are holding. Experience, Wisdom and Dexterity make this easier.
Not Available



PROFEX - Profile Externalization

It is no longer necessary to use PROEDIT to edit the character profiles. This has now been moved to XML, and can be edited with notepad. This helps break some limits imposed by PROEDIT. Most importantly, it is now possible to edit merc opinions about each other, which was not possible with PROEDIT at all!
Not Available Not Available Available

Militia Upkeep Costs

Allows setting a daily cost per militia member recruited. If you can't pay, some militia will leave your employ.
Not Available Not Available Available

Minor Features Edit

These are game-play features or enhancements that have limited impact on the way the game is played. They are mostly present to make the interface more friendly, or to increase realism with minor effect on the game itself. Like Major features, these can be turned on-and-off as you like, and most of these can be tweaked to have more or less effect on the game.

Feature Name HAM B2.8 HAM 3.5 HAM 3.6 (and JA2 1.13)

Enhanced Description Box (EDB) 1.3

Replaces the game's Item Description Box with a new one that shows a whole lot more data.
Available Available Available

Better Chance-to-Hit Indicators

Allows viewing the Chance-to-Hit of all bullets in Burst mode, and the Chance-to-Hit of the last bullet in an Auto-Fire volley.
Available Available Available

Chance-to-Hit Approximation

Characters are not able to tell their exact Chance-to-Hit, unless they have considerable combat experience. When using untrained characters, it may be impossible to tell how likely a bullet is likely to hit or miss, before that bullet is fired.
Available Available Available

Smarter Roaming Militia Generator

Smarter placement for newly-recruited Mobile Militia, prevents issues with wasting time and money due to illegal militia placement.
Available Available Revamped!

Militia Drop their Equipment

Allows Militia killed in battle to drop their carried equipment.
Available Available Available

Smarter Training Handler

Makes sure that trainers and their students go to sleep at roughly similar hours, maximizing the time they spend working together, and thus making training sessions far more efficient.
Available Available Available

Alternate Goggle-Switching Hotkey

Instead of causing every soldier to switch to the opposite set of goggles to what he is currently wearing, this hotkey switches an entire squad to the same type of goggles.
Available Revamped! Available

Select entire squads or groups of mercs with a single click

In the strategic view team panel, right-clicking the squad name ("Squad 1", "Squad 2", etc.) selects the entire squad. Also works with people doing the same assignment (e.g. Doctor) in the same sector.
Available Available Available

Alternative Progress Calculation

A different method for calculating Progress. Allows the player to advance through the progress levels based on whatever aspect of the game he's been concentrating on so far, be it killing enemies, conquering cities, exploring the map, or making money.
Not Available Available Available

Possible Attachments list at Bobby Ray's

Adds a list of all possible attachments to the tooltips at Bobby Ray's website. Hover your mouse over a gun (only guns supported at the moment) to see all possible attachments for it.
Available Available Available

"Pinned Down" notification

Shows an on-screen message and flashing indicator to let you know when a character has lost their entire next turn due to suppression fire.
Not Available Available Available

Off-Road Movement for the Hummer

The Hummer can now travel into some non-road terrain, including plains, light forests, and deserts.
Not Available Available Available

Fixed unreal reinforcements advantage

Enemy/Militia Reinforcements arriving into a battle from adjacent sectors start their first turn with 0 APs. This makes them stationary targets for a full round, and so less unrealistically-murderous.
Not Available Available Available

Sight Reduction for Characters under Suppression

When suppressed, a character loses situational awareness, which manifests in terms of sight range reduction and/or increased tunnel vision.
Not Available Available Available

Additional Effects of Critical Damage

Critical headshots and Critical Legshots can now cause extra effects. Headshots may cause blindness, while legshots cause AP loss.
Not Available Available Available

Hidden Enemy Strategic Movement

Enemies can move through previously-explored sectors unseen, unless a militia unit is nearby to spot them. With HAM 3.5, your mercs can occupy certain facilities that allow detection at a distance.
Not Available



Daily Expenses Window

Shows projected daily cost from facilities and Militia Upkeep (see above), and can also be set to show daily costs for mercs.
Not Available Not Available Available

Separate Mobile Militia Assignment

Training Mobile Militia is now a separate assignment from "garrison" militia training. You can start training Mobiles as soon as a city is full of Rookie (green) militia.
Not Available Not Available Available

Level Progress Bars

A colored background appears behind the merc's attribute/skill values, showing progress towards the next stat point. INI settings allow changing the color of these bars.
Not Available Not Available Available

Enhanced Message Log

Several updates to the message log include wider Strategic Screen Message Window in high resolutions, multi-colored messages, and more messages displayed in the Tactical Screen.
Not Available Not Available Available

Disband Town Militia

You can now disband militia in cities. This is mostly important if you've set a daily upkeep for Militia (see above) and can't afford to keep all of them.
Not Available Not Available Available

Fewer Pointless Forced Battles

Civilians who are not capable of combat don't go hostile, so you don't need to kill everyone in the sector just because some civilian died (intentionally or otherwise). Similar behavior also implemented for Militia (but they can eventually attack).
Not Available Not Available Available

Externalized Settings Edit

These features take previously hard-coded values from Jagged Alliance 2 and give players the ability to tweak those settings simply be editing the INI file with notepad. It is now possible to control many things that used to be unchangeable in JA2.

Feature Name HAM B2.8 HAM 3.5 HAM 3.6 (and JA2 1.13)

Mine Income

Works by percentage of "normal JA2 income". Affects all mines.
Available Available Available

Auto-Resolve Luck Factor

Change reliance on Luck vs. Skill in Auto-resolve combat.
Available Available Available

Minimum/Maximum Chance-To-Hit

Change the upper and lower limit of Chance-to-Hit. Lower limit can be set to a fraction between 0 and 1.
Available Available Available

Target Movement Effect on Aiming

Adjust the difficulty of aiming at a moving target.
Available Revamped! Available

Autofire Bullets per 5 APs

Allows changing the B/5AP value of all guns simultaneously (this is a hack to override Weapons.XML)
Available Available Available

Level-Up Speeds

Changes the speed at which you will level up in various skills, attributes, and Experience Level. You can set each of these to a different speed.
Available Available Available

Strength to Weight ratio

Change the amount of weight you can carry for each Strength point without becoming encumbered.
Not Available Available Available

Kills per Progress Point ratios

Change the number of kills required to get a progress point, in each of the four difficulty settings.
Not Available Available Available

Mine Depletion

Decide which mine will become depleted during the campaign.
Not Available Available Available

CTH Divisor for mortar fire

Change the accuracy of Mortar fire. Used to make mortars less uber-deadly.
Not Available Available Available

Minimum distance for "friendly suppression"

Change the distance at which characters are immune to suppression fire by friendlies.
Not Available Available Available

First Arrival Sector

Set the sector where your very first mercs will arrive in Arulco.
Not Available Available Available

Skyrider Flight Costs

Set the cost per tile of "Green" airspace and "Red" airspace independently.
Not Available Available Available

Bloodcat Locations

You can decide where Bloodcat ambushes will occur, how strong they'll be, and the chance of ambush. It's also possible to move the bloodcat lair and set new bloodcat garrisons.
Not Available Not Available Available

Sector Names

Change the name of any/all sectors using an XML.
Not Available Not Available Available

Uniform Colors

Change the default uniform colors for enemies and militia.
Not Available Not Available Available

Bug-Fixes Edit

These are not really features, but problems with the original JA2 or JA2 1.13 that have been solved during the creation of HAM. Most if not all of these bug-fixes have been merged into 1.13 as well. They do not add functionality or gameplay changes, only correct long-standing problems with existing JA2 features.

In other words, this is the "Headrock Shamelessly Bragging about All the Stuff He's Fixed" section.

Hmmmm... does anyone remember what they are, anyway?

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