HAM 3.4 and 3.5 offer new features for increasing the importance of Sector Facilities. HAM 3.5 externalized the entire system, allowing modders and players to move facilities around, and even create entirely new ones!

Principles and History Edit

It is virtually impossible to explain Facilities at all without some sort of example. This is because most people may not have even been aware of their existance! Yes, they're very subtle things.

Therefore, I'll start with the example, and we'll move on from there.

JA2 1.13 - The Alma Gun Range Edit

JA2 1.13 has an INI setting called "GUN_RANGE_TRAINING_BONUS". It's a very old setting, and some people may have missed it entirely.

What this setting does is to give a bonus that improves the Marksmanship Training speed, but only for characters training at the Gun Range. In other words, when training at the Gun Range, characters will gain Marksmanship faster. This works with any kind of Marksmanship Training, including both Practice (alone) and Study (with a trainer).

The Gun Range was the first actual facility in the game, added in the early days of JA2 1.13. There is one such Gun Range on the map, which is in Alma sector H13.

But why take my word for it? You can see the Gun Range effect IN-GAME for yourself:

Bonus at the Alma Gun Range Edit

  1. Take a merc to Alma I13. Preferably one with lots of Wisdom.
  2. Make sure that the character is fully rested!
  3. Set the character to Practice Marksmanship.
  4. In the top-left corner of the screen, read the numbers displayed on your character's face. These show the current training effectiveness. (If both values are less than 5, choose another merc)
  5. Now, move the character to Alma H13.
  6. Make sure the character is well-rested, and set him to Practice Marksmanship.
  7. Read the numbers displayed over the character's face. One or both of them should have gone up by around 25% from the original value.

The increased training effectiveness comes from the Gun Range which is in sector H13. All you need to do to win this training bonus is to train a merc in that particular sector. It doesn't matter where the merc is standing on the sector tactical map; the bonus is tied to the entire sector, not to a specific location inside it.

Because GUN_RANGE_TRAINING_BONUS is set to 25% by default, that's the bonus you'll get when doing your marksmanship training there. You can raise or lower this value (in JA2_Options.INI) to get more or less of a bonus.

The Gun Range does not exist in any other sector on the map except H13.

So... what IS a Facility? Edit

By its simplest definition, a Facility is any structure inside the sector that has the potential to increase (or decrease) the effectiveness of tasks performed in that sector.

The Gun Range is a structure that exists in sector Alma H13 (you can see it yourself, it's in one of the rooms inside the building, on the north-western side). It increases the effectiveness of Marksmanship training carried out in that sector. Therefore, it is a facility.

But yes, this is a very simplified definition, and one that HAM proceeded to expand, far beyond its humble beginnings.

HAM 3.3 - Old Facilities, New Meaning Edit

By using this logic, we can identify several such "Facilities" in other sectors of the map. For instance:

  1. A Hospital (in Cambria)
  2. A Factory (in Grumm)

With a little bit of creativity, it's easy to think up some possible effects that these facilities might have.

HAM 3.3 implements two such ideas:

  • The Hospital in Cambria can increase the effectiveness of Medical training, just like the Gun Range does at Alma. After all, it is fully equipped with lots of medical gear, has a lot of patients to examine, and experienced Doctors loitering about.
  • The Factory in Grumm can increase the effectiveness of repairing items. After all, the queen used it to create munitions and firearms, so it definitely has the heavy machinery required for such a task. That is, assuming the repairer merc has some understanding about how such machinery works.

HAM 3.3 goes so far as to offer INI settings for both these facilities, so you can control how much of a bonus you'll get from them.

Already, this makes sectors H2 and F8 (Factory and Hospital) very important to control. Facilities are designed to affect the Strategic Game, as these two hopefully do.

HAM 3.4 - Moving and Duplicating Facilities Edit

Once HAM 3 demostrated the potential that lies in Facilities, HAM 3.4 went to work to release them from the strong hard-coded ties they had to their original locations.

It's about time for an important revelation: A Facility is just a bonus. It is NOT the actual structure you see when visiting the sector in Tactical mode.

You can use the Map Editor to erase the entire military base from Alma H13, leaving nothing but trees, and you'll STILL get the Marksmanship Training bonus there. The bonus is tied to the specific sector, not to the actual physical structure located on the sector map. Of course, if you do erase the sector map, it makes no sense to have a bonus there, so they ARE tied together concenptually, but not physically.

Now, imagine that you use the Map Editor to edit San Mona Mine, and add a couple of shooting targets there - maybe make a "Tony's Gun Emporium" with a nice professional shooting range for paying customers nestled in the back room. Logic says that if characters get better training at the Alma Gun Range, they should also be able to use this new San Mona Gun Range to improve their marksmanship training. To this end, you'll need to COPY the training bonus from H13 to D4, so you get the same bonus in both sectors.

HAM 3.4 allows you to do this. In fact, you can copy the training effect to anywhere you want. Heck, you can put a Gun Range in every sector on the map if that's your fancy. And the same thing goes for the Hospital and Factory bonuses provided by HAM 3.3.

If you want, you could also remove the Gun Range Bonus from Alma H13. Perhaps you have a mod that changes Alma to a quiet sea-side shanty town with no gun range in sight. You can easily remove the Gun Range Bonus from there entirely, and you don't even have to place it anywhere else if you don't want to.

The next, obvious stepEdit

But moving facilities about doesn't sound like much of a feature. It has limited use, seeing as how we're restricted to only 3 different facility types.

This is where HAM 3.5 comes in, making the facility system an extremely important tool, and opening up a ton of potential for the Jagged Alliance 2 Strategic game.

HAM 3.5 - Do-It-Yourself Facilities Edit

So HAM 3.3 gave us two new facilities to play with. And HAM 3.4 allowed us to move them around. But the potential for Facilities is far greater, and HAM 3.5 taps that potential.

With HAM 3.5, players can create their OWN, BRAND-NEW FACILITIES, and place them anywhere they want. This adds an entirely new moddable feature, which allows changing the way that the Jagged Alliance 2 Strategic game is played. It allows modders to create sectors that have more flavour to them, and affect the entire progress of the campaign.

HAM 3.5 adds a plethora of options to decide what each facility does, and how it affects your mercs and your strategic decisions.

Demo Facilities Edit

To demonstrate the potential of the new facility system, HAM 3.5 presents no less than 4 new facility types, and even adds new effects to some of the existing ones.

Here is the concise list of all Facilites available in HAM 3.5, and the effect that these facilities have on gameplay.

Gun Range The Gun Range facility is really the only one that has not changed since JA2 1.13. It still gives a bonus to Marksmanship Training, and nothing else.
Factory HAM 3.4 added the ability to repair items faster when working at a factory, as long as the repairer merc has enough Mechanical skill to understand the machinery.
Hospital HAM 3.4 allows better Medical training at a Hospital. HAM 3.5 augments this with better "Doctor" rates as well. You will require a merc with exceptionally high Medical skill (90!). If you have one, he/she gets a bonus to healing other mercs in a Hospital Sector.
Prison Mercs spending any time in a Prison sector will find that their morale tends to drop below "Stable". It drops even further if the merc is told to do Training or Jobbing duties.
Military Base Sectors containing a Military Base allow 4 militia trainers to work at the same time (previously, all sectors allowed 2 trainers, if training was allowed at all)
Airport Due to the noise of the aircraft taking off and landing, mercs find it harder to sleep at an airport. They will need more time sleeping to recover their stamina.
A.C.A A sufficiently wise merc on-duty at an A.C.A sector will be able to detect enemies moving through any sectors where Mobile Militia are currently allowed to roam. In addition, the facility allows two mercs to train Militia simultaneously.
Beach Resort Mercs spending time at this facility will find that their morale is generously increased, especially if they don't have to do any work indoors. In addition, they sleep better.
War Room Placing a merc with high wisdom score at this facility will allow detecting enemies in all explored sectors on the map. This negates the effect of HAM 3's "No Enemy Detection Without Recon" feature. It also allows knowing the size of enemy forces detected in ALL explored wilderness sectors.
SAM Site Placing a merc on duty here will reduce Skyrider's flight costs by a cool $100. Of course, you'll want to increase the base cost considerably to compensate.

This is just a handful of possibilities. Using the full range of modifiers made available by HAM 3.5, you can probably come up with lots of new facilities yourself. And you can place them wherever you want.

FacilityTypes.XML Edit

This new XML file allows us to define new types of facilities. Using different tags, we can add as many bonuses/penalties to a facility type as we would like. This allows creating a whole range of facilities with different functions and purposes.

Structure of FacilityTypes.XML

This file is about as simple in structure as Facilities.XML is. You add a series of indexed entries, with each entry representing a single TYPE of facility. Each one has a name, a number, and a set of modifiers associated with it. Using the number, you can later place facilities on the map wherever you want them.

Here is the good old Gun Range facility as it would look in FacilityTypes.XML:

		<szFacilityName>Gun Range</szFacilityName>

The tag <FACILITYTYPES> goes at the very beginning of the file. The closing tag </FACILITYTYPES> goes at the very end of the file.

In between, we see one entry, which begins with the tag <FACILITYTYPE>, and ends with the tag </FACILITYTYPE>. The entry describes a single facility type, the Gun Range:

  • <ubIndex> is the unique number which we use when referring to this facility type. We need this number when placing the facility on the map with Facilities.XML.
  • <szFacilityName> is the actual name of the facility, which is displayed on the sector's right-click pop-up. It also makes reading this XML much easier. :)
  • The <sMarksmanshipTraining> tag is one of the many possible Facility Modifier tags, which tells the program what effects this facility has on the game. Naturally, we need at least one, but we can actually add as many as we want. In this case, the modifier increases (or decreases) the efficiency of all Marksmanship Training that will take place in the same sector as the Gun Range (wherever we choose to place it) - a 25% increase, as you can see above.

Let's look at a more complex facility. This is what the Hospital looks like in HAM 3.5's default XML:


The hospital gives two different effects, using three tags.

The first effect is a bonus for Medical Training. This is identical to the Marksmanship bonus we get at the Gun Range. Anyone training the Medical skill at the same sector as this facility will get a +25% increase in efficiency.

The second bonus increases the efficiency of Doctoring (I.E. healing other mercs). As we can see, the <sDoctor> tag gives us a +25% efficiency bonus to Doctoring. However, there is a third tag here called <ubMinimumMedicalForDoctor>, which is set to 90. The two tags work together - if your merc has 90 or more Medical skill, he will get the +25% bonus to Doctoring Efficiency. If he does not have the required skill, he doesn't get the bonus. Simple.

So now you can see how two different effects are used in the same facility! And we haven't even scratched the surface of all the tags that this XML supports, as of HAM 3.5.


Just as with other index-based XMLs like AmmoTypes.XML or others, you need to make sure that each Facility Type has its own unique number. This is important because you'll later need to refer to that number when placing Facilities on the strategy map. If two facilities share the same number, one will be ignored.

However, you don't have to keep the numbers sequential. You can have Facility #6 first, then Facility #10, then Facility #1. It's fine.

Facility Modifiers in HAM 3.5 Edit

Main Article: XML Facility Modifiers

HAM 3.5's new XML allows combining all sorts of modifiers for new (or existing) Facilities. Many more are planned for the future, but in the meanwhile the selection is already much greater than what we had in JA2 1.13 or even HAM 3.4.

Here is the concise list of modifiers available in HAM 3.5. For a more thorough description, please visit the main article (see link above).

Modifier XML Tag Modifier Name Short Explanation
<sHealthTraining> Health Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Health stat at this facility.
<sStrengthTraining> Strength Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Strength stat at this facility.
<sDexterityTraining> Dexterity Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Dexterity stat at this facility.
<sAgilityTraining> Agility Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Agility stat at this facility.
<sMarksmanshipTraining> Marksmanship Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Marksmanship stat at this facility.
<sMedicalTraining> Medical Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Medical stat at this facility.
<sLeadershipTraining> Leadership Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Leadership stat at this facility.
<sMechanicalTraining> Mechanical Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Mechanical stat at this facility.
<sExplosivesTraining> Explosives Training Modifier Increases or decreases the efficiency of training the Explosives stat at this facility.
<ubMilitiaTrainingAllowed> Number of Militia Trainers Allowed Determines how many Militia Trainers can work here simultaneously
<sMilitiaTraining> Militia Training Modifier Increases or decreases the speed of training Militia at this facility.
<sRepair> Repair Modifier Increases or decreases the speed of repairing items at this facility.
<ubMinimumMechanicalForRepair> Required Mechanical Skill Works with the Repair Modifier. This determines the minimum Mechanical Skill required to get a Repair bonus at this facility.
<sDoctor> Doctor Modifier Increases or decreases the speed of healing mercs at this facility.
<ubMinimumMedicalForDoctor> Required Medical Skill Works with the Doctor Modifier. This determines the minimum Medical Skill required to get a Doctor bonus at this facility.
<sRegainFatigue> Resting Modifier Increases or decreases the speed of regaining stamina when resting at this facility.
<sRegainFatigueSleep> Sleeping Modifier Increases or decreases the speed of regaining stamina when sleeping at this facility.
<ubMaxFatigue> Maximum Fatigue Limits the highest Stamina of any character who is present at the same sector as this facility. If you have more than this much, your stamina will be REDUCED.
<sTrainingFatigueLoss> Fatigue Loss when Training Increases or decreases the speed of fatigue loss when training at this facility.
<sJobbingFatigueLoss> Fatigue Loss when Jobbing Increases or decreases the speed of fatigue loss when Repairing or Doctoring at this facility.
<ubMaxMorale> Maximum Morale Limits the highest Morale of any character who is present at the same sector as this facility. If you have more than this much, your Morale will be REDUCED.
<sTrainingMorale> Morale Modifier when Training Increases or decreases Morale when training at this facility.
<sJobbingMorale> Morale Modifier when Jobbing Increases or decreases Morale when Repairing or Doctoring at this facility.
<sRestingMorale> Morale Modifier when Resting Increases or decreases Morale when Resting at this facility.
<fDetectEnemiesDynamic> Dynamic Enemy Detection If at least one merc is present, on-duty, and awake at this facility's sector, you can detect enemy presence in any sector which is allowed for Militia Roaming.
<fDetectEnemiesLongrange> Long-Range Enemy Detection If at least one merc is present, on-duty, and awake at this facility's sector, you can detect enemy presence in any sector which has already been explored.
<fDetectEnemiesAnywhere> Universal Enemy Detection If at least one merc is present, on-duty, and awake at this facility's sector, you can detect enemy presence in ALL sectors on the map.
<fCountEnemiesInWild> Wilderness Recon If at least one merc is present, on-duty, and awake at this facility's sector, you can tell the exact number of enemies in any Wilderness sectors, provided that you can also detect them (see above).
<fCountEnemiesInCities> City Recon If at least one merc is present, on-duty, and awake at this facility's sector, you can tell the exact number of enemies in any City sectors, provided that you can also detect them (see above).
<ubMinimumWisdomForDetection> Required Wisdom for Detection If the facility has any of the Detect/Count features above, the merc on duty there must have at least this much wisdom to be able to activate those detection capacilities.
<sSkyriderCostModifier> Skyrider Flight Cost Modifer Increases or decreases the cost-per-sector for moving the helicopter.

These are just the options in HAM 3.5. Future versions of HAM will probably contain even more modifiers, including potential risk of attribute loss or injury, extra costs to use a facility, and even mine income modifiers.

Be Careful Edit

If you plan to move facilities around, or make new ones of your own, you should first read the article about XML Facility Modifiers thoroughly. This is important mainly in the event that two facilities with similar or related modifiers are placed in the same sector. The interaction that occurs is hard-coded for now, meaning you can have unexpected results when trying this. Normally, however, placing two facilities in the same sector that do NOT share similar bonuses should have no problem with one another.

HAM 3.6 - Super Duper XML externalizationEdit

Main article: FacilityTypes.XML in HAM 3.6

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, HAM 3.6 takes the facility system to the ultimate next level.

HAM 3.6 expands the file FacilityTypes.XML with a SLEW of new options. It allows performing some seriously radical things with Facilities. It includes all sorts of strategic modifiers, performance modifiers, and even verious risks and benefits associated with facilities that may or may not trigger on an hourly basis. The range of possible things you can do with facilities has increased a dozen-fold.

In addition, HAM 3.6 changes the way we interact with facilities. To activate facilities and use their awesome benefits, a new sub-menu has been added to the character assignment menu. You can choose which facility to activate, and which of the facility's features you wish to use! This works just the same way as normal assignments (like Repair or Doctor), but makes sure the program knows when (and when NOT) to use a facility for any given task.

In fact, HAM 3.6 has close to 20 facilities already useable, with various and exciting effects attached to each of them.

Once HAM 3.6 is integrated into JA2 1.13, this will become the new official way of handling facilities, replacing all previous methods. In fact, some modders have already created several new facilities that are completely unique to their campaigns! Hopefully, many more will follow in the future.

INI Settings Edit

Please note: As of HAM 3.5, all INI settings related to facilities have been completely removed from the game. It is now possible to edit all facilities (and add new ones) using the files Facilities.XML and FacilityTypes.XML. Both files are located in your (DataFolder)\TableData\Map\ folder.

See Also Edit

XML Facility Modifiers

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